The Xbox Wireless Controller is currently in short supply

Major retailers in multiple regions are experiencing a shortage in supply of the Xbox Wireless Controller, with some having completely sold out their stock. VGC has confirmed with Microsoft that they are indeed having supply issues and are working towards restoring the availability of Xbox controllers among retailers.

“We know it may be hard finding Xbox Wireless Controllers right now due to supply disruptions,” a Microsoft spokesperson said to VGC. “We’re working as fast as possible with our manufacturing and retail partners to improve this. Please check with your local retailer for availability.”

The shortages are felt particularly moreso around Europe. Any color variants of the controllers are scarce in the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and in addition, Australia. The US, where Microsoft is based, is not experiencing that much of a supply shortage as the Xbox Wireless Controller remains available from most major retailers at the moment, though that may change in the next couple of weeks if shortages continue to occur.

Xbox controller supply

However, if you happen to have some Xbox One controllers lying around, they can still be used on an Xbox Series X|S console because Microsoft ensured that these peripherals were forward compatible with the new system. So if you’re desperate, these controllers definitely work in a pinch for that Friday multiplayer game night you might be planning.

Unfortunately, shortages for console hardware is nothing new for this generation. Because of the global chip shortage, both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles have been extremely hard to find since they launched. Stocks sell out almost immediately whenever retailers get their inventory replenished. Both Microsoft and Sony have also indicated that buyers can expect hardware shortages to continue throughout 2022 and into 2023.

Xbox controllers are generally the best controllers to use when you happen to be gaming on a PC because of how easy it is to just plug in and start playing with. But Microsoft is looking to find more ways to tear down the hurdles of trying to play games on any of their devices along with experimental plans on letting you play without an Xbox. If you’d like to know more about one such endeavor, you can read about it here.