Xbox leadership expresses thanks for tweet praising a more inclusive brand

Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, along with other Xbox executives took to Twitter recently to respond to a tweet made by Rebekah Valentine of IGN. Valentine spoke about how there has been a “massive, meaningful transformation” in the way Xbox has started marketing itself to be a more inclusive brand over the years.

Valentine shared that when she was growing up, she saw Xbox as this “really edgy, masculine, aggressively GAMER brand.” and felt that it was never for her. She continues by describing how wild it is that Xbox has managed to turn around their initial hard branding to become the folks who advocate the “Gaming’s for Everyone” motto.

In response, Spencer thanked Valentine for her comments on Xbox’s noticeable changes, and proceeded to explain the ongoing work needed to bring Xbox to that place, admitting that “it’s not perfect at all.”

“Thanks, so much more for us to do,” said Spencer. “It’s a journey and starts with team and our internal culture. Enabling a team to be authentic. It’s also about content, how we talk about why we do things, and having our inclusive goals. It’s not perfect at all and feedback is always important.”

Following that, more Xbox folks chipped in to give their thoughts on the topic. Sarah Bond, corporate vice president and head of global gaming partnerships stated that Rebekah’s comments “mean so much,” and affirmed that “Gaming is for everyone. Always.” Meanwhile, Josh Stein, social media manager for Xbox added that “a lot of us feel this way internally also.”

Xbox inclusive
“Beyond Generations” was an experiment that brought young people together with seniors through games, emphasizing the connective power of the medium and an example of Xbox’s focus on inclusivity.

This was quite the wholesome interaction in Twitter and a pleasant sight to see Phil Spencer and the rest of Xbox leadership affirming the importance of being inclusive rather than focusing solely on a single demographic of gamers as a select core audience.