Xbox Series X chip upgrade reportedly in development

It’s been nearly a year and half since the launch of the Xbox Series X (and its mid-powered, all-digital counterpart the Xbox Series S) and it’s seen tremendous success despite the global pandemic and the ongoing chip shortage. And although it’s a fairly powerful machine, reports are that Microsoft is already looking to improve the Series X chip for greater efficiency.

When asked about the possibility of a revision to the Series X hardware that could be built on a different node with a slightly cooler power supply, journalist Brad Sams said, “I believe this is true–I know that Microsoft was working on revisions of the chip,” noting that, “Microsoft is always working on revisions of the hardware,” and that doing so “lowers the cost of production.”

That being said, the Xbox Series X isn’t really lacking in power by today’s standards. Hardware enthusiasts continue to face challenges in procuring parts to build the kind of high powered PCs that generally outclass gaming consoles. But making a chip that is cooler, more efficient and cheaper to make is a logical upgrade for any current gen console.

Xbox Series chip

Understand that the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S were made from technology available prior to the year they were released and with the advancements that Microsoft, as well as chip manufacturers, have made over the past couple of years, changes and revisions are inevitable.

“We’ve seen various versions of the Xbox One,” observed Sams. “There was like– I think it’s called the Xbox One E? I think it was the second generation. I might be wrong on that, but I know that there was an E-revision somewhere, maybe A, B, C, D, E. Maybe that was the fourth revision along the way.”

While it might be still too early to possibly get a “Slim” or “Pro” version (to use a bunch of PlayStation terminology, because “Xbox Series X S” makes no sense – editor) that takes advantage of current new technology, It’s safe to say that Microsoft is already planning and working on something to update the Xbox Series line in the next few years.