Xbox Series launch in China comes with message from Phil Spencer

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Xbox Series launch in China is happening today and in celebration Xbox boss Phil Spencer has recorded a video message for fans in China.

In a short video, good ole Uncle Phil acknowledges the existence of players in China, noting that some “have been playing with [their] friends on Xbox for years” while also welcoming those who will be “joining the Xbox community for the first time today.” He thanks fans in China for their support and patience in waiting for the new generation of Xboxes to come to the country.

Spencer concludes that “we want can’t for you to jump into this next generation can’t wait to play the great games that are coming from our first party and all of our partners together,” before signing off with, “I’ll see you online.”

Upon the Xbox Series launch in China, the recommended retail price will be ¥3,899 for the Xbox Series X and ¥2,399 for the Series S. Microsoft’s marketing director for Xbox greater China had this to say about the launch:

“We’re excited to be able to sync with Chinese gamers into the new generation of games and experience the new generation of games with a high degree of immersion and compatibility. Games are a very creative way to express themselves, to stimulate our imaginations, to connect with each other in a vivid story.”

Thanks, PureXbox!