Xbox Series consoles outsell PlayStation 5 in Japan again

As the country that serves as Sony’s base of operations, it can be said that it has the home ground advantage in Japan, but for the second time Xbox Series consoles have outsold the PlayStation 5.

From the week of June 13 to June 20, the PlayStation 5 only managed to move 3,035 units while the Xbox Series X sold through 3,272 units. That’s even when you add up both editions of Sony’s console, with the disc-based PS5 selling 2,371 units and the all-digital edition selling only 664 units.

The Japanese videogame publication Famitsu — as spotted and translated by GamesRadar — reports that the Xbox Series also sold 3,423 units during that week. When added up that means the entire Xbox Series line sold 6,695 units against the PS5’s 3,035.

It’s worth remembering that the ongoing semiconductor shortage is causing manufacturing constraints for both consoles. So it’s very possible that this is actually a supply-based anomaly, rather than a shift in the tides for either console brand. Still, this is the second time that Xbox has outsold PlayStation in Japan, as the Series S beat the PS5 all by itself back in May, moving 6,120 units against the PS5’s 2,963 in a single week period.

Xbox Series Japan
“We were on the verge of greatness, we were this close.”

All this being said, Sony still comes out on top in total sales figures for its console in Japan. The company confirmed at the start of this month that they have sold 20 million units since they launched the PS5 in November 2020, and promised a “significant ramp-up” in production to satisfy ongoing demand.

Still, the fact that Microsoft is able to bring their consoles this close to the PlayStation 5 in sales bodes well for the Xbox brand. Historically, the Xbox sells a fraction of the units that Sony and Nintendo do in Japan, despite varying overtures and attempts to play to Japanese sensibilities. Even if Xbox can’t consistently beat its rivals in Japan, it’s doing better than it ever has.