Xbox app lets Samsung TVs run Game Pass without a console

Xbox continues to expand its platform web by giving folks who buy new Samsung Smart TVs access to Game Pass, simply by using an app and a controller. 

Back in May, we talked about how Xbox shelved “Project Keystone” and pivoted away from the current plan to go about the challenge of making the Xbox platform available to anyone, anywhere. This time around Xbox is making good on that decision and has revealed their new endeavor with Samsung.

Xbox has revealed that the 2022 line of Samsung smart TVs, for those within 27 countries, will include the Xbox cloud streaming app which gives access to Xbox Game Pass. This essentially means anyone who buys a new Smart TV will have access to a library of games from Xbox Game Pass through cloud streaming and they’ll only need a Bluetooth-enabled controller. 

That’s right, you don’t even need to own an Xbox controller to play on Game Pass. Eagle eyed viewers of the trailer could even spot a blurry cut of the Playstation DualSense controller as the young lad “picks” his favorite controller to play with. Folks who wish to try out the experience before they sign up for Game Pass Ultimate can play Fortnite for free. While it wouldn’t have been my first go-to recommendation for folks who are just getting into gaming, (I’d pick Fall Guys), it should suffice to test out your connection if streaming games through the cloud is for you. 

Game Pass Samsung
Xbox Adaptive Controller also works.

The whole project appears to be a great way to get new adopters into gaming without the hefty investment of picking up a gaming console. While I can’t quite say that this new app will benefit those who already own an Xbox console, It’s definitely a welcome change that can get most folks who are even the slightest curious about video games into gaming; because when everyone plays, we all win.