Xbox now updates even on Energy Saver mode

As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability efforts, Microsoft has called upon users to switch their Xbox consoles to Energy Saver mode. While a majority of users keep their consoles to Instant On mode in order to ensure fast start times and automatic updates, Microsoft has updated Energy Saver to be able to do the same.

The update was quietly made last year, but Microsoft issued a PSA about the Energy Saver mode this weekend. Instant On mode is a true energy guzzler, as according to Microsoft it uses 20 times more power than Energy Saver. The update incentivizes users to save money on energy bills and go green with the Xbox brand.

Microsoft has also made Energy Saver the new default power option when players initially set up their Xbox consoles. That means when users add a new Xbox to their gaming room or reset an existing one, they have to opt into Instant On from here on out.

The hope is that most users across the entire Xbox ecosystem will have Energy Saver mode enabled. It remains a slower way to resume your Xbox than Instant On (especially older Xbox One consoles) but the Series X and S boot so quickly that its kind of a moot point, unless it’s really REALLY important to you to save the extra seconds.

Xbox energy saver

In addition to promoting the improved Energy Saver mode, Microsoft said that it will be designing Xbox products and packaging with the goal of being 100 percent recyclable by 2030. Already the Xbox Series S and controllers are constructed using recycled plastic.

Meanwhile, the company has made it the goal to make cloud gaming green by targeting the use of 100 percent renewable energy of its Azure datacenters by 2025. These are all part of a concerted effort from the company to turn Xbox into a carbon negative, water positive and zero waste endeavor.