Phil Spencer may be teasing a Game Pass streaming box on his shelf

Xbox boss Phil Spencer appears to have teased a look at the rumored Xbox Game Pass streaming box. Fans aren’t entirely crazy to think so, as the Xbox boss has been known to drop hints in the background of his office, with the Series S hidden in plain sight in video interviews months before the console’s release. His latest shelfie has certainly fired the imagination as well.

While Spencer’s tweet and accompanying shelfie ostensibly celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Fallout video game franchise, the iconic Vault Boy doesn’t seem to be a focal point of the photo. That’s lead to sharp-eyed social media observers going through the photo with a fine-toothed comb, and speculation has focused on a small unassuming white box next to an Xbox controller on the top shelf.

It’s speculated that this could be an advance look at the rumored Project Keystone streaming device that Microsoft has been working on. And that speculation has been bolstered by a follow-up tweet from the Xbox Twitter account chiding Spencer for “putting old prototypes on your shelf”.

If that is an advanced look at Keystone (or whatever it is they’re calling their streaming device project) then it comes at an interesting time. While Google’s games streaming service, Stadia, just suffered an ignominious demise and Amazon’s Luna chugging along, Keystone is likely to be built on more solid foundations, not as a standalone effort, but as part of the larger Xbox & Game Pass ecosystem.

It’s part of Microsoft’s vision of having Xbox be anywhere gamers want to be playing, whether on console, PC, or through cloud streaming. Originally envisioned as something more along the lines of an HDMI stick like the Roku or similar devices, it seems like there’s a bit of size creep in play if this white box is a slightly newer vision of what Keystone will look like.

Game Pass streaming

Still, that mysterious white box could be anything! It’s interesting fodder for speculation, and we’re definitely keeping our eyes peeled if more solid confirmation of Keystone pops up in the future.