Xbox Game Pass in May 2022 is shaping up nicely

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With a small team here at Xbox Outsider, we generally refrain from writing up what’s coming and going on Xbox Game Pass from month to month, but May 2022 is looking to be a good one for the all-you-can-eat games subscription.

The biggest release here would have ton be Sniper Elite 5, which is a day one launch on the Pass for both console and PC on May 26th. Other exciting day one launches include Citizen Sleeper, Trek to Yomi and Hardspace Shipbreaker. Here’s the current lineup, barring any other additions — and it’s very likely there will be.

Citizen SleeperMay 5Xbox
Trek to YomiMay 5Xbox, PC, Cloud
Eiyuden Chronicle RisingMay 10Xbox
Hardspace ShipbreakerMay 24PC
Sniper Elite 5May 26Xbox, PC
Pac-Man Museum+May 26Xbox, PC,

Generally speaking, a majority of launches on Xbox Game Pass are usually last minute announcements from indies and surprise partnerships from third party studios for a day one launch. The rest are usually surprise deals for old classics and fan favorites. Xbox Game Pass for the month of May 2022 is already looking great in this, but who knows what else is coming down the pipe?

There were some murmurings that A Plague Tale Requiem might release sooner than expected, as early as May, with suggestions that this would be a shadow drop on the Pass. I don’t put much stock in that, as it’s extremely unlikely that the follow-up to A Plague Tale Innocence would not come with a decent marketing campaign.

May as also when we were supposed to get Two Point Campus, the university-based follow-up to Two Point Hospital, set in developer Two Point Studios’ emerging “Two Point County” universe, but the game has been delayed to August.

Xbox Game Pass May 2022

Still there’s a lot to enjoy from this month’s additions to Game Pass! We recently got Chinatown Detective Agency, Lost in Random (via EA Play), Life is Strange True Colors. Former PlayStation exclusive Bugsnax arrives on April 28 together with Unsouled, a challenging pixelated action RPG.