Power On, the documentary about the history of Xbox, wins a Daytime Emmy

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Xbox’s documentary series, Power On, which was released as part of last year’s Xbox anniversary celebrations has won another award: a Daytime Emmy.

The series was released on December 13 as a free to stream production throughout a variety of streaming video platforms including Roku, IMDb TV, Redbox, the official Microsoft site and Youtube. This week, it received the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Single-Camera Editing.

Work on the documentary started three years ago, and focused on the history of the Xbox console from its conception to its recent successes and the people behind them all. It shared an immense amount of archival videos including unseen footage from the Microsoft vault.

During the anniversary event, Tina Summerford, Xbox’s head of programming, said, “The project began almost three years ago with a simple question: is there a compelling story behind the history of Xbox?

“The answer, it turns out, was yes, absolutely. So we partnered with an Emmy award-winning documentary film team to really dig in and help bring the story to life. At its core it’s a story about how Xbox started as a passion project from a small group of gamers within Microsoft and grew to become a source of joy for Xbox players around the world.”

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If you haven’t already seen the series, you can watch all six episodes via a YouTube playlist. You can follow the individual episode links provided here.

Microsoft has certainly had its ups and downs but the documentary goes to great lengths to bear them all with pride. Sort of like a “We’ve gotten this far and have the scars to show for it.” kind of thing. But if you’re still hungry for more videos about video games, here’s a good list of shows over the past week that filled the void E3 left out.