Xbox is speeding up the boot times of its consoles

Microsoft is going to make your Xbox boot faster by shaving off 5 seconds from the startup animation. 

In a new Xbox Insider test build from the Xbox Dashboard, the cold boot startup time for the Xbox Series X|S has been reduced by around 5 seconds. This was achieved by replacing the previous boot up animation sequence with a shorter one. The change was noticeably significant as Xbox testers tried it out the first time and was confirmed on Friday when the changes were made. 

Josh Munsee, the director of Xbox Integrated Marketing, said that the company created “a shorter boot up animation (~4s) from the original boot up animation (~9s), helping to reduce the overall startup time.” The remark was made in a response to a query from Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie.

The update won’t be limited to Xbox Series X|S though. Jake Rosenberg, the Senior Product Manager Lead at Xbox, added that “not only is the animation shorter, but Xbox One generation consoles are booting noticeably faster with these changes!”

The speedier boot times are limited to consoles using Energy Saver mode though. Energy Saver mode basically fully shuts off the console instead of going into a standby state. While using the Energy Saver mode makes for a longer startup, it is a bit more economical with regards to your electricity bill and the planet.  The changes towards the boot times allow the Xbox Series X|S to take only about 15 seconds (from pressing the power button and seeing the animation) from the previous 20 seconds.

Xbox boot
Xbox Series X|S Old Boot Times vs New Boot Times (Image Credits: Tom Warren | The Verge)

That being said, Microsoft previously made Energy Saving mode the default option for new Xbox consoles this year, so the boot times update definitely makes starting from Energy Saving mode just a little bit more bearable if you absolutely couldn’t wait to start gaming like most Xbox players.