Xbox Cloud Gaming upgrades have begun

Xbox Cloud Gaming upgrades

Players are reporting significant performance boost to games being played on the cloud, signaling that Xbox Cloud Gaming upgrades have begun. Initially launched using Xbox One S hardware as server blades, Microsoft recently confirmed their plans to upgrade the cloud to Series X hardware in the near future. It seems that future is nearer than we thought.

“We’re now in the final stages of internal testing, and we’ll be upgrading the experience for [Xbox Game Pass] Ultimate members in the next few weeks,” Kareem Choudhry, head of cloud gaming at Microsoft, said at the Future of Gaming pre-E3 briefing earlier this month. And while Microsoft hasn’t made any official announcement regarding the rollout of these improvements, users are already reporting them.

The Verge’s Tom Warren reported faster load times, improved graphics and frame rates for the versions of Rainbow Six Siege and Yakuza: Like a Dragon running on the cloud. Meanwhile, GameSpot confirmed similar improvements for Gears 5, reporting that it takes less than 10 seconds now to loud into a campaign mission on the cloud version of the popular cover-based shooter.

While users are already experiencing some of the benefits and perks of Xbox Cloud Gaming upgrades, we don’t have a definitive picture of how far Microsoft intends to roll them out in the immediate future. That is, at least, barring an official statement from Microsoft. We can expect a clearer picture of the upgrades when the company makes an announcement to confirm that Series X server blades are live.

According to a round-up of user accounts on Resetera, over forty games appear to be using the Xbox Series X server blades, including Outriders, Sea of Thieves, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Elder Scrolls Online, Gears Tactics, MLB The Show, No Man’s Sky, Dead by Daylight and Minecraft Dungeons among others that are in addition to Rainbow Six: Siege, Yakuza: Like A Dragon and Gears 5.

Already we love to see it. Improvements to the cloud continue Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to make the Xbox experience a powerful proposition regardless of what device you own, and center to that goal is making it so that the games meet players anywhere they’re on.

Source: ResetEra, GameSpot, Tom Warren