Xbox confirms presence at the 2022 Tokyo Game Show

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Xbox has just confirmed via Xbox Wire, that they will have a presence at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show that will be held on the 15th of September at 2am PT / 5am ET. 

“We are pleased to confirm that Xbox will be making its digital return to Tokyo Game Show on September 15 at 6 p.m. JST / 9 a.m. UTC / 2 a.m. PDT, with a streamed broadcast celebrating the vibrant players and visionary creators across the region,” writes Jeremy Hinton, head of Xbox Asia.

While the show will be curated towards players in Japan and Asia, the games shown at the event give ample attention to up and coming games as well as those already announced. Xbox fans can check out the stream on the official Tokyo Game Show Youtube Channel, where Xbox has stated that they can expect a focus on “existing titles from Xbox Game Studios and titles launching from developer partners.”.

Xbox Tokyo Game Show
Nothing Stops Gaming

This will also be the first time in three years that the Tokyo Game Show event will open its doors to the public as both a digital and live event. Along with the hybrid nature of the show when it comes to live and digital aspects, the theme of this year’s show will be the phrase, “Nothing Stops Gaming”, where it will embody the “solidarity of gamers and the promising future that lies ahead for our industry.”

While there’s still no news on what we can expect in the upcoming show, we’re thrilled at the prospect of what can possibly be a good reveal to new games if not announcements on DLCs to existing games. To view the full details on the Tokyo Game Show 2022 event venue proper, you can visit the official website for the full schedule from the show’s organizers. 

Xbox Tokyo Game Show
Tokyo Game Show Streaming Time Table

Japan and Asia are considered strategic growth areas for Xbox under the current leadership. Historically the brand and platform has struggled to secure a foothold in the region thanks to the strong hold that Nintendo and Sony have had among consumers.

But throughout this generation, Xbox has made significant gains that have slightly reduced the gulf between it and the other platform holders. Just recently, sales for Xbox Series consoles have occasionally beaten those of PlayStation 5. While Sony continues to be miles ahead, the gains made by Xbox remain significant.

Xbox Series consoles outsell PlayStation 5 in Japan again – Xbox Outsider

The Tokyo Game Show event will be held on 15th through the 18th of September, 2022.