When does Back 4 Blood unlock on Xbox Game Pass

Back 4 Blood music

Back 4 Blood is launching on Xbox very soon but the exact date and time it does differs whether you’ve purchased the Ultimate or Deluxe version of the game, or you’ll be waiting for it on Xbox Game Pass. The cooperative multiplayer zombie shooter from Turtle Rock Studios will unlock at 12:00 AM on October 12 for all countries.

That goes for Xbox Game Pass, so whether you’ll be firing up the game from Berlin or Tokyo, Hong Kong or Sydney you’ll have to wait until your time zone crosses over from October 11 to October 12. Players of Back 4 Blood on Xbox Game Pass are effectively playing the Standard version of the game.

But if you happen to have shelled out some bucks for the Ultimate or Deluxe version, then you get early access to the game by about five days. This early access starts on October 7, 4 AM Pacific Time / 7 AM Eastern Time. Take note that this is not a local time, so if you happen to be anywhere outside of those time zones, you might be asleep or at work when early access begins.

Back 4 Blood is a PvE multiplayer shooter developed by Turtle Rock Studios and being touted as the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, the legendary co-op zombie shooter they developed under Valve. While fans of Left 4 Dead and its sequel have been holding their breath for a Left 4 Dead 3 for over a decade now, Turtle Rock has taken it upon themselves to revisit the genre that put them on the map.

Like Left 4 Dead, you’ll fight hordes of ‘Ridden,’ formerly human creatures that have been mutated by a mysterious biological agent. Incredibly and maybe awkwardly timely in a time of corona, one might say. The game will launch with a co-op story campaign and a competitive multiplayer mode. Gameplay and progression centers around cards that grants perks, buffs and boons to you and your team.

Once again, Back 4 Blood releases according to the following schedules:

  • Early Access: October 7, 4 AM PT / 7 AM ET
  • Standard Edition / Xbox Game Pass: October 12, 12 AM local time

If you played Back 4 Blood during the previous open and closed betas, be aware that none of your progress from them carries over into the final release. You’ll be starting from scratch.