Watch Dogs Legion devs say thanks with final update

With the release of its final update, developer support for Watch Dogs Legion has come to an end. The news comes in a letter on the Ubisoft website from the Watch Dogs Legion dev team.

While a whole bunch of new and returning rewards have come with the final update, Online Mode will continue to operate with recurring reward tracks that cycle each season, ensuring players of Watch Dogs Legion who missed these rewards the first time can earn them still.

The team reminisced about the accomplishments they’ve made working on Watch Dogs Legion. From the launch of its own Online Mode to the single player DLC content added to the game, such as Invasion, Resistance Mode and the zombie apocalypse inspired mode; Watch Dogs Legion of the Dead. Additionally, the team is quite fond of the new hero additions to the game, namely Mina Sidhu, an escaped research subject with mind control powers, and Darcy Clarkson, an Assassin with strong connections to the London Brotherhood. 

Watch Dogs Legion final

They also recounted the success of the game’s story expansion, Watch Dogs Legion – Bloodline, which casts you as Aiden Pearce from the first Watch Dogs and briefly as Wrench from 2016’s Watch Dogs 2. The dev team has been proud of the fan reception they’ve received. Matthew wrote the following of Bloodlines in his review:

“Your enjoyment of Bloodline will depend on what exactly it is you want out of a Watch Dogs game. If you already liked Watch Dogs Legion the way it was — a goofy sandbox with a Swiss Army knife of Londoners at your disposal — then you won’t like Bloodline. It straightjackets you into fixed protagonists and has a much smaller scope, but will delight if you’re a fan of previous installments.”

The dev team closes the letter thanking fans for all their support:

Throughout it all, you’ve shown us your DedSec teams, favourite recruits, best game moments, fan art, cosplay, videos, and more, and we’ve loved seeing your content and passion. We couldn’t be prouder of the game we’ve created, and we appreciate all of you who’ve joined us on this journey in London over the year.

“We look forward to seeing more of your adventures in Legion! Until next time, DedSec.”