Watch Dogs 2 leads the second batch of Game Pass games for July

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While As Dusk Fall’s imminent arrival on Game Pass is super exciting – especially given the many positive reviews it has received so far – the back half of July is being made more exciting by the addition of Watch Dogs 2 to the service. That’s right, Ubisoft’s best open world hacking action adventure is joining Game Pass for cloud, consoles and PC.

Watch Dogs 2 was criminally underrated at launch, possibly due to anti hype following the original Watch Dogs. While that game was a commercial success, it fell short of the expectations placed upon it by some thrilling, moon shot level gameplay demos. That’s a shame as Watch Dogs 2 improves on every aspect of its predecessor such as a more likable protagonist and a fun, playful sensibility.

If it sounds like I have a soft spot for this game, I do. But don’t take my word for it, you owe it to yourself to give Watch Dogs 2 a try on Game Pass. And thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming, you can hypothetically binge the game in bed, on the toilet or on your morning commute (I mean if you get mobile Internet that strong).

Watch Dogs Game Pass

Here’s the current list of games joining Xbox Game Pass from now till the end of July:

July 19As Dusk FallsConsole, PC, Cloud
July 19Watch Dogs 2Console, PC, Cloud
July 21MotoGP 22Console, PC, Cloud
July 21Sins of a Solar Empire: RebellionPC
July 21Torment: Tides of NumeneraConsole, Cloud
July 29InsideConsole, PC, Cloud

It’s worth noting that Ashes of the Singularity Escalation was originally scheduled to come to PC Game Pass on July 19, but Xbox has since updated their list and replaced it with another PC release, Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion, that is scheduled for July 21.