Wasteland 3’s new video welcomes the Rangers to Steeltown

The Battle of Steeltown, the first narrative expansion to Wasteland 3, is almost upon us, and developer inXile Entertainment introduces us to what’s coming in a new video. “The Rangers aren’t exactly welcomed with open arms,” reads the video’s description. “But what’s taking them to the towering factory complex of Steeltown, which keeps Colorado’s engines running?”

Steeltown is where the fanciest technologies in Colorado are made and keeps the Patriarch supplies with vehicles, armor, weapons and robots. When the players arrive they find no shortage of problems. Bandits roam the surrounding scrapyards while striking workers hold the plant hostage. Something has gone terribly wrong in Steeltown.

No matter what happens, players decide the fate of Steeltown and will determine its future — whether it descends to anarchy, regains some semblance of order or something else. That’s up to you and your Rangers. If you want to learn more, you can check out the trailer, which offers a glimpse of new weapons, armor and potential encounters.

The Battle of Steeltown provides new experiences and scales combat and gear in accordance to how fare you have already progressed in experience. This ensures that the challenges of Steeltown are level-appropriate and that you can enter during a new playthrough or an existing playthrough

Wasteland 3: The Battle of Steeltown will be available for digital download on June 3 for Xbox and PC. Wasteland 3 is also available on Xbox Game Pass.