War for Wakanda is Marvel’s Avengers big August update

Marvel’s Avengers, the beleaguered superhero brawler by Crystal Dynamics, will be launching the Black Panther: War for Wakanda expansion on August 17. The free update will introduce Black Panther as the ninth playable hero after Kate Bishop and Hawkeye were added in December and March respectively.

The expansion will, according to a Square Enix press release, add “the most content to Marvel’s Avengers since the game’s launch.” That includes two new villains — one of them already revealed to be Ulysses Klaw — a new environment, a new outpost called Birnin Zana or ‘The Golden City,’ additional Drop Zone and Threat Sector missions and new enemies who are hopefully not robots or Adaptoids.

A Marvel’s Avengers War Table dedicated to the expansion will premiere on Monday, August 16 to present a deeper look at everything there is to know about it. Going by past War Tables, that usually means new trailers and gameplay footage as well. The War Table will be livestreamed on the dev’s Twitch channel and will be later made available on the game’s official YouTube page.

War for Wakanda

We can also expect a breakdown of Black Panther’s move set, as well as a look at the new region of Wakanda, which will be the first new region since the Future Wasteland was added with the Hawkeye update and his corresponding Future Imperfect story mission chain.

Christopher Judge, best known as Kratos from 2018’s God of War as well as D-Mob from 2004’s Def Jam Fight for NY for all you OG Xbox fans out there, will be voicing Black Panther. Personally I would have gone with Ike Amadi, the Nigerian actor who lent his voice to Javik in Mass Effect 3, but Judge is a pretty great actor and can hopefully bring some gravitas to the character.

War for Wakanda has a pretty low bar to clear in terms of breathing life back into the game and reinvigorating excitement among players. The recent Omega Level Threat: Family Reunion endgame event launched with severe bugs and glitches that hurt player’s ability to earn rewards. The Red Room Takeover event last May was also a point of irritation among players.

In other news, an all-access weekend for Marvel’s Avengers kicked off today and will run through August on PC, Stadia and PlayStation. No reason was given as to why the free play time offer wasn’t extended to Xbox, but Square said that a similar even will be made available for Xbox at a later date. Players who buy the game will get to carry over all their progression and purchases.

The game is currently 40% off on the Xbox Store. To celebrate the all-access weekend, several limited-time special promotions are available for all players including a 400% experience bonus and a 50% off sale in the in-game Marketplace.