Ubisoft’s XDefiant no longer carries the Tom Clancy name

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Ubisoft’s XDefiant will no longer carry the Tom Clancy name starting today. News of the change comes from an announcement for the game’s new “Insider Sessions” which places players against the development team to source feedback for the game and show case different features.

After XDefiant was revealed back in June last year, Ubisoft went quiet about the game. Reception was mixed to negative, being that it looked like it had an identity crisis and the announcement trailer shows it. You had two presenters, one expressing the game as a solid gunplay centered shooter with fast paced firefights, but another that says it’s a zany punk-rock moshpit with unique abilities for those clutch plays.

Fans of most Tom Clancy games enjoy the military science fantasy that goes on in these worlds, but XDefiant looks as if it’s trying cater to non-fans instead. For a game that called itself Tom Clancy’s XDefiant, it didn’t feel like a Tom Clancy game. I admire Ubisoft for going out of their comfort zone and trying something new, but it initially looked like a knock off Overwatch that happens to carry the Tom Clancy name.

After a year of testing though, it looks like Ubisoft has listened to fan feedback and has decided to just take off the Tom Clancy name from the game. This should give the developers more wiggle room on which factions or people they can put in the game, but XDefiant will still feature factions from Tom Clancy games. “We learned a lot from our last Closed Test, thanks to your in-depth and genuine feedback. Which we’re hoping for even more of,” reads the blog post.

The XDefiant Insider Sessions are the logical continuation of last year’s Closed Test and will be available for select registrants on PC. Invitations to these sessions will be sent starting March 15th. An NDA will be involved so news about the game and its mechanics will be kept under wraps until Ubisoft is ready.

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“These sessions will be an opportunity for you to get hands on in-progress features and provide feedback. Additionally, you’ll be introduced to Factions from games outside of the Tom Clancy universe. With these changes, the game will now be known as XDefiant.”

XDefiant isn’t the only shooter Ubisoft’s currently working on though. We’re still waiting on Ghost Recon Frontline, a battle royale style of game with objectives, and The Division: Heartland. It’s going to be a long wait though, since these two games have been delayed and we don’t have any updates on when they’ll be released or if we’ll hear from them soon.