Two Point Campus launches day one on Game Pass

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Two Point Campus, the upcoming school management simulation game will be launching on May 17, nearly a year after it first leaked on the Microsoft Store. Two Point Campus will also arrive as a day one launch on Game Pass.

The game is coming from Two Point Studios, the same folks who made Two Point Hospital. Two Point Campus will be published by Sega and have the same quirky art style and humor as Two Point Hospital. It focuses on managing a school campus for profit! You’ll get to see expanded building tools, student and staff management, and fancy unique courses your students can enroll in.

Studio director Mark Webley and design director Ben Huskins at Two Point Studios spoke to Polygon about the key differences between Two Point Campus and Two Point Hospital. Where people come to a Hospital to get treated and then leave (or die!), students spend way more time on campus. That means in Two Point Campus you’ll get to know your charges more, learning about their quirks and interests.

“You kind of find yourself following two or three characters,”Webley said. It looks like you’ll see yourself following a handful of students and catering to them has an impact on the game. You’ll find yourself building specific courses or school environments and that’s what keeps things interesting. The kind of student population you get will determine what school programs you’ll want to build first I imagine.

“Students want different things from your campus,” Huskins said. “You’ve got a little bit more creative freedom in this game. You can decide which courses you want to run. Different courses will attract different types of students.”

Two Point Campus Game Pass

Easily the most exciting aspect of the new game are the updated creative tools. Before, in Two Point Hospital, you’d put down a room and place required equipment and staff inside it to function. In Two Point Campus, you’ll be able to decorate and set up more aspects of your school to fit the needs, quite like how the Sims 4 does it.

The campus will run on a schedule of sorts throughout the session and the staff and students will follow these preset timetables. But, when summer break comes around, players can redo the campus decorations and layout to either make things better for the students and staff or to cause some chaos.

Again, Two Point Campus will launch May 17, 2021 on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and will also be a day one release on Game Pass.