Two Point Campus just surfaced on Microsoft Store

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Errors can happen on storefronts, most notably on Microsoft Store. Before any official announcement from the studio or the publisher could be made, Two Point Campus just surfaced on the Microsoft Store.

SEGA and Two Point Studios’ upcoming new game was spotted by Twitter user WalkingCat. On the Microsoft Store, a page for Two Point Campus appeared. We’ve confirmed that the game page is still live, The listing says that Two Point Campus is expected to launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, but with no confirmed release date.

Two Point Campus appears to be a university and college themed spin-off or successor to Two Point Hospital, which released to generally good reviews in 2018. In addition to the leak, Wario64 shared screenshots of the upcoming Two Point simulator on Twitter, revealing to us that the game is going to be larger than Two Point Hospital.

Leaks like these should be taken with a grain of salt, but when storefronts accidentally flip the switch to show a game page it’s usually legit. Don’t expect to see this one get debunked. For now, we should wait for SEGA and Two Point Studios to make an announcement.

Two Point Hospital is currently part of Xbox Game Pass, which suggests the possibility of Two Point Campus becoming part of the subscription model on game’s launch. For now, we can only hope. Our sister site Sirus Gaming reviewed Two Point Hospital when it launched. Here’s what reviewer Erickson Melchor had to say:

“Almost every aspect of the game is overflowing with charm. But it is a game that demands focus and attention to deal with the many complications that eventually pop up out of nowhere. […] While I don’t recommend this game for all gamers, there is enough here to entertain all sorts of people.”

We have reached out to SEGA for comments. The article will be updated after we get a response.

Source: Twitter