Two Point Campus delayed, gets a new release date

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Two Point Campus, the university-based success to 2018’s Two Point Hospital, has been delayed and has a new release date. Developer Two Point Studios made the announcement via Twitter and via a post on their official blog.

Two Point Campus was originally slated for release on May 7 and has now been rescheduled for a release date of August 9 across all platforms including on Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles. The delay notwithstanding, the game will still be launching as a day one arrival on Game Pass.

Two Point Campus release date

“Our ambition from the start has been to release Two Point Campus across all PC and console platforms simultaneously to the quality and standard that our community expects from us,” said Mark Webley, game director at Two Point Studios. “This means we will need a little bit more time with Two Point Campus to make sure we deliver the best possible game that can be enjoyed equally on all platforms. We will use these additional three months to optimise Two Point Campus for all platforms.”

Along with the announcement for the delay, the developers have released a gameplay video of Two Point Campus that delivers further insights into their vision for Two Point County, the burgeoning game universe that links Two Point Campus with Two Point Hospital.

While the news of this delay might be disappointing to those starved for some university management action, the developer’s foresight to recognize their game is not ready will avert the deliver of a half-baked experience.

In the meantime, while we wait for Two Point Campus to launch on Game Pass, there’s plenty of strategy games to play. Here’re just a few of the gems I’ve played so far.