Twitch live streaming returns to Xbox consoles

Microsoft made live streaming on Twitch easier for Xbox gamers today. After years of Xbox users being required to configure their own streaming set up using capture cards, software and the like, they can now live stream through Twitch directly from any Xbox console, whether Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S.

“Starting today, Xbox and Twitch are teaming up to make live streaming from your Xbox easier than ever,” writes Brenna Duffitt of Xbox Platform Services in a post on the official Xbox blog.

The Twitch integration has been in testing since October last year, and is now available for the general public. Twitch first appeared on the Xbox One dashboard in 2014 using the Snap interface but was removed back in 2017. While it was possible to stream to Twitch through the Xbox App before the integration, it was an inelegant process compared to just going live right away from the Xbox Dashboard.

You can set up a live stream after you’ve scanned a QR code that links your Twitch profile to your Xbox console and after that, just visit the “Capture and Share” tab and you should be able to select “Live Streaming” to start. Some of the features available are customization of your bitrate and resolution along with being able to change the title of your Twitch stream through the options panel. You can also set up your volume levels for both the game and the mic as well as some audio from your friends via Party chat.

Xbox Twitch

If you happen to swap to a different game during your stream, a pause screen will be displayed for you and Twitch will update your stream data automatically. Microsoft plans to release more updates in the future to streamline the experience but this update for now, however bare bones it may look, should suffice.