Twelve Minutes video leans into star-studded prestige vibe

Twelve Minutes is coming to Xbox Game Pass soon and ahead of that entertainment blog Collider published an exclusive video look behind the scenes of the time looping narrative thriller. As a piece of collaborative marketing, it is a big sign that publisher Annapurna Interactive is leaning hard into the prestige art energy they’ve been hoping to generate around their catalog.

The game has been in development by Luis Antonio for several years now. It was first shown at PAX East back in 2015. Since then, Antonio signed a deal with Annapurna Interactive that brought more development resources to the project. The game has also booked marquee actors James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley and Willem Dafoe to play the lead roles.

The entire featurette is really captivating and if you’re at all curious about the game, even on just an artistic level, I recommend it. In addition to learning more about Antonio’s journey bringing a modest but intriguing idea to life, you’ll see these three actors — all legends in their own time — really get into the voice acting and how they incorporate the unique challenges of the script into their craft.

Twelve Minutes video

I’m really digging Dafoe’s performance here. He brings a tense and challenging element to the proceedings, even if we still don’t fully know the context to most of the lines we get to see him deliver. All I know is that his performance in this game will live rent free inside my head alongside those from films like The Lighthouse, Boondock Saints and Spider-Man.

Which isn’t to say that James McAvoy or Daisy Ridley are slumming it. McAvoy brings a lot of pain and frustration to his role as a man confused by the time loop he’s trapped in while Ridley delivers the full range of ire and warmth needed to respond to a very, very spouse. And both actors — McAvoy is Scottish and Ridley is British — are doing this while sustaining some pretty solid American accents.

Twelve Minutes is a video game that’s been long awaited by fans of dramatic interactive narratives. If you look back and trace how its evolved over the years, you’ll see a pretty impressive journey.

How all of this comes together, we’ll find out in less than two weeks. Twelve Minutes arrives on PC and Xbox consoles on August 19 and launches day one on Xbox Game Pass.