Turn-based Marvel game in the works at Firaxis

A turn-based Marvel game is in development at Firaxis

A turn-based Marvel game is in teh works at Firaxis Games, the celebrated studio led by industry legend Sid Meier. That’s according to an alleged leak first posted on Reddit, which I ordinarily wouldn’t give too much credence to until investigative journo and overall muckraker Jason Schreier and VentureBeat’s industry insider Jeff Grubb commented on Twitter to pronounce these rumors as accurate.

Now it remains to be seen whether publisher 2K, the parent organization of Firaxis, will announce this game at E3, but it definitely seems like the best time to do so, especially since we’ve not seen a major release from Firaxis since 2016’s Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. The studio did release a “quick bite” XCOM spin-off, XCOM: Chimera Squad, to largely positive reception in 2020.

According to Grubb, this Marvel project is “a turn-based strategy game but with Marvel superheroes,” and claimed that the game will see the basic XCOM premise of “players commanding agents in small skirmishes” but “weave some Avengers flavor into that foundation.” He added, “Expect to see Iron Man, Wolverine, and others to show up for this one.”

New projects from Firaxis were first hinted at during an earnings call from the publisher last month, in which they also expressed bullish confidence in the developer. “Civilization 6’s daily active users have grown steadily since the game’s release more than five years ago and to date, the title has sold in over 11 million units,” said 2K top boss Strauss Zelnick. “As a result of the engagement from the past as well as the success of [the XCOM franchise on Switch], Firaxis Games had one of its best years ever.”

Zelnick concluded his praise of Firaxis by saying, “we expect this growth to continue as the studio has several exciting projects in development that will be revealed this year.”

Already this rumor is being met with excitement. Not only is Firaxis beloved by fans of turn-based strategy — or old people like me with fond memories of everything Sid Meier and his collaborators worked on back in the early 90s — but there remains ongoing interest for any kind of hit from Marvel Games, given ongoing consumer unrest for Marvel’s Avengers, the loot brawler from Square Enix.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an impulsive need to re-install XCOM 2 on Xbox.