Tunnels of Terror DLC live now on Back 4 Blood

The first major DLC for Back 4 Blood, “The Tunnels of Terror,” has arrived. As mentioned previously, it comes with a lot of new stuff to play with.

The highlight of the update are the seven new Ridden Hives. These Hives are underground catacombs that house an ungodly amount of Ridden with some pretty powerful weapons ripe for the picking. And to top it all off, two new Cleaners have been added to the game to keep things fresh as you brave these unexplored gory depths.

The new cleaners are Sharice and Heng. Before the Ridden, Sharice was a hardened firefighter. She can craft Makeshift Armor to help the team, or cleave through the Ridden with her trusty Fire Axe. Heng was a restaurant owner. He’s handy with a knife and can provide extra supplies during your runs as well as grant visibility to obscured items and Prepper Stashes.

New types of Warped Ridden enemies have been sighted as well, the cleaners have named them the Urchin, the Shredder and the Ripper. All of them look to be sporting a new spiky appearance, or as Sharice says in the trailer, look “like a bug fucked a porcupine.”

The Cleaners are also getting new toys to play with to help combat these new pests. Seven Legendary Weapons, thirteen Legendary Attachments and twelve new Player Cards have been added to the game. The new Weapons and Cleaners naturally arrive with skins and other cosmetic options, as well as banners, sprays and emblems.

Back 4 Blood Tunnels of Terror

Finally, the Tunnels of Terror DLC also brings updates to current Cards, changes to Campaign and a re-balancing of some combat elements for Back 4 Blood. You can also expect the usual fixes to bugs and adjustments for accessibility and user experience. Here’re the complete patch notes for the update.

Lastly, the game will also get Card Updates, Campaign changes, Balancing for Combat, User Interface Changes, Bug Fixes and Accessibility Updates. if you’d like to read the complete patch notes on the update, here’s a link to those.

Back for Blood: Tunnels of Terror is available automatically for those who have purchased the Season Pass, though you may also purchase it now to get access. But if you’re a little bit short, you only need one of your teammates to have the DLC to have access to it. Back 4 Blood is available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and via Game Pass.