Tunic is a Zelda-like about a fox with a demo coming soon

Tunic is a Zelda-like
Tunic Key Art
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There’s a demo coming soon for Tunic. Tunic is a Zelda-like about a fox that has been in development for about six years according to creator Andrew Shouldice. It was first shown as far back as E3 2017, and since then it’s remained fairly low key resurfacing only for things like the annual LudoNarraCon event organized by Fellow Traveler earlier this year.

So it’s appearance at the Summer Game Fest Kickoff was kind of a welcome surprise. Shouldice walked us through a brief gameplay demo which shows off some of the improvements to the game since it was last seen. Set on an isometric perspective, Tunic focuses on one fox’s “lust for adventure” who washes up on the shore of a mysterious land.

Because Tunic is a Zelda-like adventure, it opens with little context from the beginning. Shouldice doesn’t elaborate as to whether this is a deliberate choice to create an intriguing mystery or to provide a more abstract wholesomeness to your adventures. Soon you’ll be exploring intriguing spaces, solving puzzles and overcoming foes with an assortment of weapons and tools. Also the fox is adorable and wears a tunic.

Tunic is one of over 40 games that will be receiving demos on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S during a big ole Summer Games Fest demo event on the platform that runs from June 15 to June 21st. We haven’t gotten any indication of how long the demo will be, but if it’s anything like the LudoNarraCon demo expect a slice that will run for at least a couple of hours.

Unlike previous Tunic demos, there will be never-before-seen content such as a dungeon and new areas to explore. Tunic still doesn’t have a release date, but development continues with the target of launching on all Xbox platforms including Windows 10 PC and all Xbox consoles as well as Steam.