Tomb Raider devs thrilled to work on Perfect Dark reboot

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Tomb Raider developers Crystal Dynamics will be partnering with Microsoft’s The Initiative on the Perfect Dark reboot. The Initiative revealed the news yesterday on Twitter, saying that though the game is still “early in development,” they simply “couldn’t pass up a chance to work together.”

This next generation iteration of Perfect Dark was announced at last year’s The Game Awards, and was described as taking place in an ‘eco sci-fi setting,’ with diverse gameplay options. This is an interesting announcement as Microsoft hired former Crystal Dynamics boss Darrel Gallagher to serve as founder and boss of The Initiative, as well as Tomb Raider director Daniel Neuberger to lead the reboot project.

All that being said, Crystal Dynamics’ experience has been primarily with third person action titles like Tomb Raider, Legacy of Kain and Gex, so it will be interesting to see how the studio’s expertise will translate to the Perfect Dark reboot, which is being conceived as a first person spy thriller.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer said on Twitter that he’s “thrilled” to see both studios working together and that it has been “great to see continued momentum and progress on Perfect Dark.” While some have taken to social media to question the partnership, it’s been clarified by veteran observers that The Initiative has always been meant to be a nimble organization acting as a hub for partnerships and outsourcing.

For their part, Crystal Dynamics said they are also “thrilled” to be working with The Initiative and that they “couldn’t be more excited to join forces” with them, noting that they “thrive on reimagining epic heroes” from properties like Tomb Raider and Marvel’s Avengers.

It’s still very early days for the Perfect Dark reboot so it will be a while before we get to preview the fruits of this partnership. Meanwhile Crystal Dynamics continues to develop and support Marvel’s Avengers as a “superhero brawler as a cosmetic sales service” game that I really should stop playing.

The Perfect Dark reboot, simply titled Perfect Dark does not have a release date but is expected to launch on Xbox consoles and Windows 10 PCs as well as on Xbox Game Pass.