The Super Saver Sale has begun, here are the best deals

Picking up games from the Super Saver Sale

The Super Saver Sale on the Xbox Store runs through May 31, so you have the better part of a week to decide what gems to pick up from a very exciting catalog of classics, deluxe editions and more.

You can pick up Titanfall 2, widely known as having one of the best single-player shooter campaigns in recent years, for a mere $4. An almost bottomless mug of adventure can be had from Borderlands 3: Ultimate Edition which packs in two season passes worth of content and a crap ton of cosmetics for $50 instead of $100.

If you’re hankering for more co-op action after March’s welcome jaunt It Takes Two, then consider the less whimsical but equally cooperative A Way Out for $6. Or if you discovered the Resident Evil franchise through Resident Evil Village last month, consider Raccoon City Edition which bundles both remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 for $32.

Among the deluxe editions out there, you can pick up Far Cry 5 Gold Edition for $18, Tekken 7 Ultimate Edition for $20 or The Witcher 3: Game of the Year Edition for $10. Dragon Ball FighterZ can be picked up with the FighterZ Pass for $15 and the Xenoverse / Xenoverse bundle can be had for $17.

And if you’re feeling a little ridiculous, you can pick up Anthem for $6. You can have a bit of a laugh with it as the game received FPS Boost support from Xbox months after EA Bioware announced it would be discontinuing development, maintenance and support. That means that despite being a multiplayer desert, now looks and plays better than it ever did at 60 frames or more.

For my part, I’m picking up games from the Super Saver Sale that I’ve already played on PC, for the sole reason that some of the best video games out there generally perform more reliably on Xbox Series X|S than they do on my 6 year old desktop. Because after all, why not? Why shouldn’t I have them on Xbox?

Source: Major Nelson