The Outer Worlds 2 announcement teaser self-owns

The Outer Worlds 2 announcement
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An Outer Worlds 2 announcement was made during the Xbox and Bethesda Games showcase in the form of a trailer that basically sends up game trailers so hard, I’m surprised they didn’t just get the Honest Trailer guys.

Little is really shown of the game except a “quiet, peaceful setting that’ll make our game seem big and important,” “pointless, slow-mo shots that will make everything seem cool and should bolster pre-sale numbers” and nothing but the silhouette of the hero “because the developers haven’t finished the design or finished the story, or finished any gameplay that’s ready to show.”

Personally, I do in fact appreciate the lens flares. I mean, lens flares are the no. 2 reason why I play Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The entire trailer is pretty much a crash course on how all these announcement teasers are made, to which I can say, thanks?

That being said, I really enjoyed The Outer Worlds when it was released back in 2019. Jett Vincent Sia did the review for our sister site Sirus Gaming and wrote, “The Outer Worlds is a wild adventure that really goes out of its way to give the players a memorable experience.”

The original Outer Worlds was an unexpected success for publisher Take Two and Private Division. Take Two President Karl Slatoff said, “We’re incredibly pleased with Outer Worlds and everything that it’s brought. It was — I can’t say that it was a complete surprise out of the gate, but it was certainly was something pleasant for us and a little bit unexpected.”

The Outer Worlds 2 announcement promises “new solar system, new crew, same Outer Worlds,” and will presumably be out for Xbox consoles and Windows 10 PCs. Given Microsoft’s repeatedly stated plans of making first-party games available on Game Pass at launch, you can expect The Outer Worlds 2 to appear on the subscription service whenever it launches.