The next Supergiant game won’t be a Hades sequel

A Hades sequel isn’t something any fan of Supergiant Games would likely expect. The twenty-person strong indie studio has, historically, avoided any direct sequels to its work. While their most devoted fans long to see what follows after the events of Bastion, Transistor or Pyre, it’s also made Supergiant a very exciting studio to follow.

“We don’t know,” answered writer and designer Greg Kasavin when asked in an NME interview if Hades will be a ‘one-and-done’ deal like previous Supergiant games. “We have never known in the past what comes next. We never plan our next game until we’re done with the one that we’re currently working on. And I think part of the reason is that there’s a little superstition around that for our team because we want to make sure that we’re fully committed to the thing that we’re currently working on instead of, you know, counting our chickens before they hatch.”

Hades sequel is uncertain says Greg Kasavin
Image taken from Penny Arcade.

That being said, much of what makes Hades so great can be traced back to Supergiant’s previous work. The gradual unfurling of narrative can be found in Pyre, the super-crunchy combat design can be traced to Transistor, and the relentless commitment to style and audio design suffuses all of them but started with Bastion. It’s reasonable to expect that Supergiant’s next game will be informed by Hades, even if it’s not an actual Hades sequel. That’s something Kasavin acknowledges.

“The atmosphere of our games, the way that the narrative and the play experience interacts and is harmonious, the focus on character-driven narratives, the attention to the artwork and the music… They are things that will remain. The way we let you play how you desire to play, without shoe-horning you into one style… Those are all things that we’ve cared about in every one of our projects and, I imagine, we’ll continue to care about that, with whatever we proceed to do.”

Hades launches on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on August 13. If you’re a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass and really, you should be, you’ll be able to play the roguelike adventure on day one.

In our review of Hades for Xbox, I had this to say: “Supergiant Games takes a familiar and well worn genre — the roguelike adventure — and gives Hades everything within its power to truly shine. Hades [layers] satisfying combat mechanics with a unique narrative oomph [and tells] an emotionally complicated story about family and regret.”