The Last Guardian composer scores Planet of Lana

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The cinematic puzzle adventure game Planet of Lana made an appearance at The Game Awards earlier this month, and with it was news of its composer. The Last Guardian’s Takeshi Furukawa will be providing the score to this hand-painted adventure.

Takeshi Furukawa’s beautiful work on The Last Guardian was nominated for the BAFTA games award for music as well as winning IGN’s Award for Best Original Music back in 2016. Once his work on The Last Guardian was finished, he met up with the folks working on Planet of Lana and fell in love with their concept centering around a little girl and her heartfelt adventure with her feline-esque companion. 

In case you missed it, my good friend Matt wrote about the game’s first reveal back during E3 season and you can find out more about the Planet of Lana here.

Planet of Lana composer

Similar to The Last Guardian, in Planet of Lana, the adventure centers around a protagonist with an animal companion where they encounter puzzles within the world that require solving to progress. Both also seem to look inspired if not similar to what you’d see in a Studio Ghibli animated feature. 

The Game Awards was a pretty long watch so here’s an exact link to the part of the show where Furukawa introduces himself, followed by the short trailer for the Plant of Lana. 

More and more indie games have just kept proving that you don’t need to be a big triple A publisher to make an interesting and enjoyable game. While it certainly helps, you just have to have a big heart, and with Takeshi Furukawa as their composer, I’m fairly certain Planet of Lana will have big heart vibes.  

Planet of Lana is an Xbox exclusive slated for release in late 2022 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows PCs via Steam and the Microsoft Store. With a release date this far into next year, there’s still time for the game’s developers and Microsoft to decide whether or not Planet of Lana should debut on Xbox Game Pass.