A demo for The DioField Chronicle is out right now

As promised, Square Enix has released a demo for the Diofield Chronicle. You can get a taste of the upcoming tactical strategic RPG and as an added bonus any progression you make in the demo will carry over into the full game.

The DioField Chronicle is a new IP for Square Enix and the demo sets the stage for the game so folks can find out if this is the type of game for them. In it, the Kingdom of Alletain in the DioField Island “finds itself cast into an age of uncertainty due to the rise of warlike powers and modern magic.” Players will play as a group of mercenaries called the Blue Foxes. Fight and discover their stories and intriguing plotlines that go along with their adventures.

The demo itself lets you play through chapter one of the game, where you can expect real-time combat paired with tactical strategy-based gameplay in which you utilize squads with a variety of combat unit types each with different battlefield roles to fill. 

Diofield Chronicle
The Blue Foxes

As a side note, the character designs were made by Taiki (Lord of Vermilion III, IV & Digimon World: Next Order), and the concept art was by Isamu Kamikokuryo (Final Fantasy 12 & 13). The game is scored by composers Ramin Djawadi and Brandon Campbell (Game of Thrones).

If you’re looking forward to The Diofield Chronicle, pre-orders are now available. The Collector’s Edition Set however, is only available through the Square Enix Store. It includes a copy of the base game, the Collector’s Goods Box, which contains an actual Board Game set in the world of the video game, and a set of four Pins which feature different coats of arms designs representing the Rowetale Alliance, Granvell Order, Blue Fox Mercenaries and Schoevian Empire.

The DioField Chronicle is set for release on the 22nd of September. You can pre-purchase the game on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles.