The cheap games worth your money this Xbox Spring Sale

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Hundreds of deals have opened up this week for the Xbox Spring Sale for both PC and Xbox consoles. This one is going to be running for a while — up to April 21 for you to agonize over what to add to your likely already crammed backlog. Prices might vary a bit per region, but no matter what they’re some crazy deals wherever you are.

But if you really want to pinch those pennies, then you’re likely to be on the hunt for the games that are going for the steepest discounts. I’ve personally combed through the Xbox Spring Sale to find the cheapest games worth your time. We’re talking discounts in the 70 to 90% range, classics and favorites that are no-brainer purchases.

Control Ultimate Edition

$11.99 (70% down from $39.99) One of the best games of 2019, Control is a modern classic. As Jesse Faden, you wield supernatural abilites and an unusual firearm as you plumb the depths of the Federal Bureau of Control in search of its secrets. With mind bending level design and challenging (and destructive!) combat, there’s a lot to love about Control.

Xbox Spring Sale

The Sims 4 Deluxe Party Edition

$4.99 (90% down from $49.99) The iconic Sims series lets you create a unique world of little computer people, customize every detail of their homes and lives and thrill with the remarkable interactions they have in a world of others just like them. Anything is possible in The Sims. The Deluxe Party Edition adds more to the base game for just a dollar.

Xbox Spring Sale

Metro Exodus

$7.49 (75% down from $29.99) The third installment in 4A Games post-apocalyptic survival shooter series, Metro Exodus takes players away from the subterranean metropolis of previous games and into a vast open Russian wilderness as you and your friends search of a new life and a new home east of the wastelands.

Xbox Spring Sale

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition

$4.49 (85% down from $29.99) This open world action adventure game stands apart in its wacky but accurate representation of Hong Kong action crime thrillers. As Wei Shen, you are an undercover cop straddling the thin blue line between the law and the underworld. You’ll rise through the ranks of Triad while trying to take it out from the inside.

Xbox Spring Sale

XCOM 2 Collection

$4.99 (95% down from $99.99) For just five dollars you get the ultimate turn-based tactical action experience in the XCOM 2 Collection which includes the original game, the massive War of the Chosen expansion and every DLC pack. For five dollars, you can commit to months of fighting against a brutal alien dictatorship. Farewell, Commander.

Xbox Spring Sale

Sunset Overdrive Deluxe Edition

$4.99 (75% down from $19.99) A contaminated energy drink has transformed the population of the entire Sunset City into freakish mutants, bringing an end to the world as everyone knows it. With Now that everyone you know (including your crap boss) is dead, you’ll have to grind, vault and bounce across the city with a crazy arsenal of guns and gadgets to survive.

Xbox Spring Sale

TimeSplitters 2

$2.99 (70% down from $9.99) This critically acclaimed cult classic casts you as a soldier who leaps across time and tries to track down an alien race of time travelers attempting to enslave humanity. This clever and imaginative first person shooter lets you go quiet or go loud thanks to excellent level design and also features wild options for multiplayer and single-player.