The Big Con gets more crimes and collectibles in Grift of the Year Edition

Booyah! A hella fly update is coming to The Big Con this (North American) summer. Mighty Yell Studios are releasing the Grift Of The Year Edition of their stylized 90’s young adult petty crime misadventure. The update was announced at PAX East 2022.

The Big Con follows teen protagonist Ali on a cross-country road trip to save her mom’s struggling video store from ruthless debt collectors. Along the way, she pickpockets random people, goes on fetch quests for various unsavory lowlifes, and cheats unsuspecting rubes with confidence scams… all for the love of family!

When the Grift Of The Year Edition drops, it will add new NPCs, collectables, and more opportunities to swindle unsuspecting marks. Best of all, the additional content will be totally free for anyone who has access to the game – whether you’re new to Ali’s juvie crimes or a repeat offender.

Grift Of The Year

One confirmed feature is a skateboarding mini-game featuring Rad Ghost, the bad-ass sheet-draped phantom who offers moral support for Ali and in-game hints for the player. The devs offered a peek on April Fool’s Day, jokingly announcing that they acquired the rights to the fictional arcade classic.

Sharp-eyed viewers may notice a new collectables section in the teaser video for the update. It takes the form of a “Sticker Zone” in the binder-like menu interface. One sticker is clearly the logo of the Hormliner Express train. Another sticker looks like a muscular yuppie bull with a dollar sign tattoo and a corporate necktie. This may remind veteran players of a recurring gag about stock market prices.

Beyond that, details are scarce. So put a note in your Trapper Keeper to look out for the Grift Of The Year Edition in a few months. In our review of The Big Con, Rae Nedjadi writes, “The Big Con is a charming and funny story but a little too light in both gameplay and narrative to truly meet its potential.”

The Big Con is available on Xbox One, Series X|S, and on PC via Game Pass.