The best of the Xbox backwards compatible games sale

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Xbox is currently hosting a low key backwards compatible sale on its store. That means plenty of gems and classics for dirt cheap.

If you’re like me, someone who has missed out on an entire two generations of Xbox games thanks to being young and poor, then this sale will help you save several bucks on the stuff you’ve missed out on the original Xbox and Xbox 360. Here are seven great picks from the backwards compatible sale you should really look into.

Backwards compatible sale

Max Payne

$8.99 (40% down from $14.99) The cult classic of a game that popularized the bullet time mechanic that’s spawned countless imitators in the gaming landscape. Play as Max Payne in a revenge story full of action and bullets as the story is told in stylized noir. You can also pick up its sequels, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne and Max Payne 3, which are also on sale.

Backwards compatible sale

Spec Ops: The Line

$5.99 (80% down from $29.99) Don’t let this military shooter fool you. Spec Ops: The Line is an amazing story with memorable twists and turns. As Captain Martin Walker, you are the leader of a small Delta Force unit that has been sent into the heart of Dubai to extract the enigmatic Colonel John Konrad. What follows is a dark journey where there are only bad or worse choices.

Red Dead Redemption

$9.89 (67% down from $29.99) Red Dead Redemption is an unbelievably fun Western open-world game that I cannot recommend enough. In the final days of the Wild West, former outlaw John Marston is forced to pick up his guns and hunt down a gang of criminals he once called friends. Explore a vast open world filled with guns, blood and money and bury your past, one criminal at a time.

Backwards compatible sale

Bully: Scholarship Edition

$5.99 (60% down from $14.99) Ever wonder what would happen if you combined the GTA formula with a school campus? You get Bully. As Jimmy Hopkins, a never do well who has been sent to a rigid boarding school, you’ll navigate the campus as you avoid the worst students and get the better of your teachers. The Scholarship Edition is a graphically enhanced version for Xbox 360.

Backwards compatible sale

Gears of War 2

$8.03 (33% down from $11.99) One of the most exciting and action packed releases ever to grace the Xbox 360, Gears of War and it’s tight cover shooting mechanics have made it one of the most enjoyable and influential games in its time. The second game is the fan favorite, but you’re just as well served picking up the other games in the trilogy, or the spin-off Gears of War Judgment.

Backwards compatible sale

Burnout Revenge

$4.99 (50% down from $9.99) Before Criterion Games became a Need for Speed factory, there was the Burnout series. The Burnout games pioneered a truly aggressive take on racing, where dirty tricks and absolute destruction was all a part of winning the race. Burnout Revenge isn’t quite Burnout 3 Takedown, but it’s close enough.

Backwards compatible sale

Skate 3

$4.99 (50% down from $9.99) While we all wait with baited breath for the next Skate game from the newly established Full Circle studio, Skate 3 will have to suffice for our fix of the most modern skateboard sport simulation. Throw down with a team to shred the streets and parks with loads of tricks and take on exciting new team-based modes.