The Ascent sidequest Double Charge guide

An early The Ascent sidequest is one that might puzzle you at first, it’s called Double Charge and seems simple but the game doesn’t do a good job of telling you what steps you need to take to finish it.

The objectives are pretty clear – kill ten enemies using Stasis Overcharge – but how, I wondered at first. I kind of faffed around a bit and figured it out and the problem is that this is just one of many times that the game doesn’t really give a straightforward explanation of what you need to do. The Ascent has no shortage of tutorial boxes, but directions for certain things can be unclear.

Step one: acquire Stasis Drone

The first thing you need to do is acquire the gear you actually need to finish the quest. Head to the Cyber Vendor located around the west side of Cluster 13. It’s marked with an eye symbol on your minimap and east of the armor vendor marked with a shield symbol. Purchase the Stasis Drone for 22,000 cred. It’s a bit pricey but for a level 7 quest, totally within reason.

Step two: equip and use the Stasis Drone

The Stasis Drone can be found in the Tactical section of your Loadout. Open your Loadout menu and equip it. The Drone can be deployed by clicking on the left thumbstick on a full tactical charge and will proceed to put any nearby enemies it can into stasis.

Ascent sidequest Double Charge

Step three: overcharge the enemy

When enemies are in stasis, they will not only freeze in their tracks, but take increased damage from your attacks. Simply fire at any enemy in stasis and they will overcharge. You’ll know you did it right when the frozen enemy starts inflating and bursts like some kind of energy charged cyber zit.

Step four: do this ten times.

Overcharge ten enemies, just like the objective says and you can finish the quest. The drone has a fairly long cooldown so you’ll need to wait a bit before you can burst more enemies. Unless you’re particularly aggressive or can find a tight crowd to deploy the drone in you might only be able to get two or three enemies with each instance of the drone.

That’s it! That’s all you need to finish this Ascent sidequest and learn to Double Charge your foes into cyber goo. Alternatively, instead of purchasing the Stasis Drone you could keep playing the game until you stumble upon some stasis equipment, but why wait? Get that sweet XP and besides, the Stasis Drone is a pretty great piece of early gear and will pay for itself.

The Ascent is currently available at the Xbox Store for Windows 10 PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. In our review, I had this to say: “Neon Giant has flexed AAA-level graphics to create a sense of place and harnessed some solid action game fundamentals to create a satisfying run and gun experience.”