The Ascent photo mode arrives in new update

The Ascent

The Ascent just got a photo mode as part of its latest patch, allowing you to turn a digital lens towards the virtual dystopia of Veles. You’ll find the photo mode in the gameplay settings and can start taking stylish screenshots of a planet that is 30% futuristic trash, 20% neon, 40% laser burns. (The rest is all burnt cordite.)

Previously players would take screenshots of The Ascent on PC using third party programs, mods, tools and hacks such as the Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker but with an official photo mode, it’s now possible for players to start snapping away on Xbox. The new patch also features some fix for audio and collision, stability improvements and will ostensibly address slow-loading during online multiplayer.

Also being added to the game are ten new weapon skins, two shirts. It’s all part of the post-launch content roadmap that Neon Giant has laid out for their very successful cyberpunk action RPG — or as I call it Diablo on Future Trash Planet — which also includes last weekend’s Halloween Pack that adds a skeleton shirt, a skull face tattoo and of course, a Jack O’Lantern headgear for your edgerunner.

The Ascent photo mode

Two more updates have been slated for the rest of the year. The next update will include a much-requested transmogrification feature — that is to say the option to apply a different cosmetic look to your favorite piece of gear — and the one after that will add voice overs to side missions and coincide with a winter pack that presumably features festive stuff, because Christmas comes to Veles too.

The Ascent was released on Windows 10 PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and is available at the Xbox Store. I had this to say in our our official review of the game: “Neon Giant has flexed AAA-level raphics to create a sense of place and harnessed some solid action game fundamentals to create a satisfying run and gun experience.”