The Ascent guide to the best augmentations

Ascent guide to augmentations
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I’ve been enjoying my time with cyberpunk action shoot-em-up The Ascent, thanks to Xbox Game Pass, and have put together a guide to the best augmentations. As with my Ascent guide to the best armor, this guide will help you decide which augmentations are most efficiently suited to your playstyle.

The arcology of Veles is filled with enough idiots and cannon fodder eager to throw themselves into your line of fire, and obliterating them with cybernetics grafted within your own body can be incredibly satisfying. From a regular old robot punch to swarms of monobots, here are the best augmentations for The Ascent.

Ascent guide to augmentations

Joyrun Dragon

Live the code of the dragon and shoot out a massive digital dragon that chains to adjacent foes causing stasis. It doesn’t deal a lot of damage, but it will leave your enemies vulnerable to attacks. Plus it looks cool.


Arachnophobes beware! This augment instantly spawns a generous amount of mechanized arachnids that seek out enemies and explode in their faces like some kamikaze crazed Keesh with a blown inhibitor, giving you enough time to retreat and catch a breather behind some cover.

Ascent guide to augmentations


Release the Kraken! This augment summons robotic tentacles from the ground around you that will seek out enemies to grab and whip them about. Great for when you get surrounded and need to take a load off.

Neutron Beam

Goku’s Kamehameha, Ryu’s Shinku Hadouken and Megaman’s Mega Buster Shot. All three are embodied within this augmentation. The Neutron Beam forces you to stay stationary for the duration of the shot as you fire off a large continuous energy beam that will absolutely decimate anything in a line in front of you with extreme prejudice.

Homing MIM

Nuke your enemies into oblivion as you fire a salvo of lock-on homing missiles at your enemies like a japanese mecha. The Homing Multiple Independent Missiles platform deals considerable damage within a concentrated area and is definitely one of the flashier augments to use.


If there’s one thing I hate, it’s being caught in the middle of a reload animation or cooldowns. Overclock is a simple augmentation in that it gives you increased Energy Regeneration, Tactical Recharge and Reload Speed. The uptime it provides for the fast paced gunplay in the Ascent ensures that all your gadgets and guns are ready when you need it.

Ascent guide to augmentations

Life Transfer

Another simple augmentation that has a large impact if used within the right circumstances. This allows you to mark enemies within reach and marked enemies that take damage will heal you. Take care on using it though as it has a cooldown of 70 seconds.

Lockon Fire

If you’re all about the guns, you’ll be at home with this augmentation. Activating this shoots the rest of your ammunition with perfect accuracy at a higher rate of fire. The best part is you only need to aim at the general direction your enemy is at, and it’ll aimbot itself to shoot that enemy.

I/O Converter

The I/O Converter isn’t exciting from a visual standpoint but it gets the job done. It makes your weapons deal Digital Damage melting any mech or robot in the way as you literally shoot 1s and 0s at them. I usually pair this with the next mod on this list.

Rat Bite

In a cyberpunk world, almost all of tech is connected to something and unfortunately for your enemies the tech in their bodies can also be hacked.. Rat Bite will hack your enemies to fight for you for a short time. You see those enemy reinforcements spawning from behind you? They’re your reinforcements now. Watch as enemy mooks mindlessly run back to their comrades and hit them with the same fervor as they did to you.

The Ascent is currently available at the Xbox Store for Windows 10 PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It also launched day one on Xbox Game Pass so you can play it now if you have a subscription.