The Ascent got its first DLC, the Cybersec Pack

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The Ascent has its first paid DLC, The Cybersec Pack, out now and it includes a bunch of goodies for folks who want to add a little “boom” to their arsenal. Along with the release of the DLC, developer Neon Giant has updated the game with the much requested feature of Transmogrification.

The Cybersec Pack adds two new weapons – the RECOIL Ballistic Burst Rifle and the NEWT MGL Grenade Launcher – and a new tactical in the form of the GR00P Cluster Grenade. It also adds four new armor pieces from CyberSec’s Boomblock brand. A vest, a pair of shin protectors and two headgear, the Boomblock Scalp and the Boomblock H-HD.

There are also Four new animated weapon skins. Red Digital and Blue Digital, showing off a scanline effect like what you’d see from the monitors in game, and the Hypno 01 and Hypno 02, another red and blue variant that ripples like water.

I was personally hoping the first DLC would be something that added story or side missions, but for the five bucks this costs, this should suffice for now. The update that came along with the new DLC also included eight free fashion items to add more streetwear on your cyberpunk swagger.

The real meat and potatoes of the update though is the new Transmogrification System. If you’re not sure what that means, the Transmog system allows you to replace the appearance of your armor with other items. What this essentially means is that the stats of your clothes can be at its best while you sport a new look! Want to look like a Corpo but don’t want to die in just a few seconds from the bullet storm you’ll attract? Well this is your chance. Just visit a stylist at your local safe zones at Cluster 13, The Node or the Arcology High Street to replace your armor’s appearance.

The Ascent DLC

With Transmogrification out of the way, next in line for the Ascent in terms of DLC and updates are the Side Missions VO and the Winter Pack. All of which was mentioned on a Roadmap Tweet they shared on the 31st of October. Great stuff coming from a small studio, I eagerly look forward to more of what they plan to do with the game.

The Ascent was released on Windows 10 PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and is available at the Xbox Store. We had this to say in our our official review of the game: “Neon Giant has flexed AAA-level graphics to create a sense of place and harnessed some solid action game fundamentals to create a satisfying run and gun experience.”