Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin producers weigh in on the details

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Tetsuya Nomura and Fumihiko Yasuda are producers on Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin and they recently shared details and insight behind the game’s design.

In June last year, the announcement trailer for Stranger of Paradise was released. Everyone seemed to be quite surprised at what appears to be a very different take on the first Final Fantasy, but moreso because of what the main protagonist was wearing while spouting some nonsense about Chaos: a modern day shirt and pants.

Seeing the protagonist, Jack, alongside his companions, who are wearing proper outlandish attire that Final Fantasy is known for, makes him seem out of place.

In an interview translated by Siliconera’s Kazuma Hashimoto, Nomura said that the protagonists wear modern clothing to set them apart as outsiders from the realm. This is because the characters, as mentioned in previous reports by Siliconera, are not from this world. Aside from that, their attire was nondescript because he wanted each character to lack an identity; Plus the players will constantly be swapping out armor as they progress through the game.

Further along in the interview, Nomura said that although he drafted the initial concept of the game the team asked Tomoco Kanemaki, best known for her work as a light novelist for Kingdom Hearts, to took the initial details and put together the narrative of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin.

Stranger of Paradise details

Team Ninja Producer Fumihiko Yasuda shared in the interview as well that fans of the series need not worry because the game will be approachable to those who are not familiar, or good, at action-focused titles. The game will feature varying degrees of difficulty settings so you can play at your desired difficulty level. Multiplayer seems to also be a factor for the game, and while you may have better chances of items dropping in multiplayer, players can still obtain all items in game regardless of how they choose to play it.

“There may be some people who are apprehensive because this is a full-scale action game. But we have made sure to provide a wide range of difficulties for those who are inexperienced and to those looking for a challenge. We wanted to make this a game that those who have never experienced a Final Fantasy title can still enjoy.”

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is set for release on March 18, 2022 and is available for purchase on the Microsoft Store for Xbox consoles. Our own Daniel Bueno had some thoughts about why Stranger of Paradise is shaping up to be a very special Final Fantasy.