Starfield director Todd Howard says single-player is “our passion”

Todd Howard, the director of Starfield, told IGN that single-player games is “our passion.” In an interview with Ryan McCaffrey as part of the site’s Unfiltered podcast series, the creative director for Bethesda Game Studios talked about the studio’s future as well as the history behind some of the games they are currently working on, including the next Elder Scrolls and a far-off future Fallout sequel.

When asked if he still feels strongly about the importance of a quality single-player experience, Howard responded by musing about experiments with social elements in games like Fallout 76 before emphasizing that solo experiences are a part of who they are at Bethesda. “Our passion is behind, “Who are you going to be? This world is for you. Go make it your own.”

So while Howard’s remarks might fly in the face of recent games in Bethesda’s pillar franchises such as Fallout 76 and the Elder Scrolls Online, there’s no denying that Skyrim and Fallout 4 were absolute bangers on release. Visiting these worlds is so much fun that they’ve become some of the most modded games ever.

Starfield single-player

Multiplayer elements in these franchises simply accommodate the interest of those who would love to share these experiences with other people in the same (online) space, and from what I gather, serves as stop-gap measure for the studio as they continue to develop new content or lay the groundwork for new games like next year’s Starfield.

Howard adds that the teams at Bethesda have “dabbled” with other social elements internally, though he declined to name what ideas they’ve had. I’m speculating a streamer mode of some kind for some of their existing titles. With the studio’s passion for single-player games in mind, it’s important to remember that Starfield is the priority while the next Elder Scrolls and Fallout remain far off.