Spiritfarer completes its soothing journey in final update

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Spiritfarer is one of the most beautiful games I played in 2019 but I’m glad I’ve not finished it, especially with the final update arriving this month. Developer Thunder Lotus has continued to add new spirits and quality-of-life improvements through major updates, making its sad but ultimately reassuring take on the afterlife an even more soothing journey.

On December 13, the game’s third free content update will add two new spirits: Jackie, the caretaker and Daria, their patient. They’ll appear in the game at a rundown hospital where protagonist Stella can help restore the facilities. Those who have played Spiritfarer know that caregiving and hospitals have special significance in its emotional canvas.

There will also be a new platforming event and more ferry upgrades. As the final update to Spiritfarer, Thunder Lotus Games will presumably move on to new things, and follows the the Lily and Beverly updates. Both added quality-of-life improvements that cut down on some of more repetitive tasks that accumulate over the course of the Spiritfarer experience.

Spiritfarer final update

“The team was unanimous in their desire to make the game’s final update something special, and I feel they’ve really pulled out all the stops here,” said creative director Nicolas Guérin. “The Jackie and Daria Update is a lovely curtain call for Spiritfarer as well as a great show of gratitude to the fans who’ve supported us since the day we announced the project. We hope they enjoy taking one final voyage with us!”

I’m personally excited, as someone with several hours into Spiritfarer but hasn’t finished the main story. With this final update, I’ll be eager to get in and complete the journey of Stella and Daffodil with all the new spirits and features folded in for a more “definitive” experience. Spiritfarer is a soothing confrontation with death and grief, wrapping a difficult topic with cozy warmth.

A making of documentary was released in July that explore some of the inspirations behind the game and the very personal experiences that the developers drew upon to create a warm and reassuring experience with death. Back in April, Spiritfarer hit a sales milestone, moving a reported 500,000 units sold across multiple platforms including Xbox. It is currently on Xbox Game Pass for both Console and PC. I can’t recommend it enough.