Soul Hackers 2 worldview trailer establishes the game’s unique setting

With only a month to go before Soul Hackers 2 is released, Atlus released a new trailer focusing on the setting and some of the game’s plot points to help ease in newcomers.  

Worldview Trailer (JP)

In a trailer narrated by Tomokazu Sugita, the Soul Hackers 2 worldview trailer establishes the setting for the game in the mid-21st century where human technology has stagnated and its culture in a slow decline. Sugita is best known for his work on other Atlus Trailers as well as voicing Gintoki from Gintama and Yusuke Kitagawa from Persona 5.

A world ending Singularity is imminent, but technology has progressed far enough that a sentient data collective has evolved into being, calling itself Aion. Aion has predicted that the end of the world is coming. But to prevent this, Aion has created two agents, Ringo and Figue, to make contact with humanity in an effort to stop the impending doomsday.

However, dark organizations such as The Phantom Society and Yatagarasu battle the use of Devil Summoners over the “Covenant” in the background with their own plans to change the world. Devil Summoners are those who have the capabilities to form contracts with demons, to call upon their power. 

Soul Hackers 2 setting
From left to right: Saizo, Ringo, Milady and Arrow

That said, most folks are probably going to be a lot more interested with the cast of Soul Hackers 2. Atlus also released a trailer for the English voice cast, featuring an impressive roster of VO talent. 

Soul Hackers 2 English Voice cast Trailer:

English Voice Cast Trailer

Atlus seems fairly confident enough with Soul Hackers 2 to call it the next generation of RPG to inherit the roots of Shin Megami Tensei and Persona and fans are eager to find out how the game will turn out once it gets released. You can get an even closer listen to some of the English dub in the trailer from Summer Game Fest.

Soul Hackers 2 launches on the 26th of August for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Pre-ordering the game also gets you an exclusive Persona 5 Phantom Thieves outfit pack at launch.