Frogwares is doing a full remake of Sherlock Holmes The Awakened

Frogwares has announced a “full remake and substantial rewrite” of Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, their 2007 adventure game that blends the Cthulhu Mythos with the milieu of literature’s greatest detective.

The news comes from an announcement on the Ukraine developer’s website that includes a Kickstarter link to help secure the final parts of production. Frogwares appears to be planning a massive overhaul for the game where it’ll be rebuilt from the ground up to work in Unreal Engine 4. New assets will be used along with new voice acting, new cutscenes, new gameplay features and a whole bunch of major changes from the previous game. 

The game’s narrative is planned to be adapted as “a direct continuation of our young Sherlock history,” which began with last year’s Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. So while it’s still focused mostly on Holmes and Watson, the timeline shift makes it so Watson and Holmes would just be acquaintances at this point as the new version of the game is intended to be their first major case together. 

No release date has been announced yet but Frogwares is currently working on getting a Kickstarter campaign to get more funding for the title to help “safeguard the overall funding of the game” and “handle any hurdles we could face as this war evolves”.

Sherlock Holmes Awakened
Holmes and Watson

“The Awakened remake sees a young Sherlock take on his first major case alongside his newly acquainted sidekick, John Watson. What seems like a straightforward case of a missing person quickly spirals into a web of conspiracies by a nefarious cult that worships the eldritch god Cthulhu and are attempting to bring about an ancient prophecy.”

“The game will take the detective duo across 4 locations – Victorian London, a Swiss psych ward, the New Orleans bayous, and the Scottish Highlands – as they try to separate reality from the supernatural while trying to put a stop to these shadowy madmen.”

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened is planned for release on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.