She-Hulk leaked for Marvel’s Avengers much to the annoyance of Crystal Dynamics

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Not long after the arrival of Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor, to Marvel’s Avengers, comes She-Hulk. At least that’s what was unintentionally spoiled at a recent livestream on the official Xbox Twitch channel with Crystal Dynamics design lead Brian Waggoner and Twitch host and creator Frank “Techniq” Ellerbe.

During the one hour stream, which was held to celebrate The Mighty Thor’s addition to the roster as well as talk about some of the changes that have been made to Marvel’s Avengers over the past year, there was a bit of a lull in which Ellerbe began to spill the beans. Despite saying he wasn’t sure he was allowed to talk about it, he shared, “a funny fact about She-Hulk.”

“My acting coach is actually the voice of She-Hulk,” Ellerbe said. “And I won’t say her name, because I don’t know if that was public knowledge yet. I think it is, it was announced, but…”

From there, the conversation spluttered out quickly and awkwardly. Waggoner said “we don’t announce things,” which is an odd thing to say about an entertainment product and service whose lifeblood depends on announcing things. This was of course, an understandable gaffe born out of disbelief and annoyance as Waggoner attempted to contain the discussion.

Ellerbe tried to reverse this, but at that point the cat was out of the bag. “Oh, then never mind,” he said, laughing awkwardly. “I don’t know if that’s true or not, but hopefully—hopefully!—the source will be right. We’ll have to see in the future.”

Waggoner successfully kept his cool, saying, “We’re working on our next hero, who we haven’t said who it’s gonna be yet. There will be a time for that. We’re focused right now on kind of celebrating the work the team did on Jane and making sure—doing things like this so people can see that. When it’s time to talk about who’s next, we’ll talk about who’s next.”

Avengers She-Hulk

It’s worth noting that in December, known Marvel’s Avengers leaker Miller said that Krizia Bajos (Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, The Sims 4) would be voicing Jennifer Walters, She-Hulk. The tweet making said claim was retweeted by Bajos with a green heart, implicitly confirming the news without any official word from Crystal Dynamics about the Jade Giantess. Bajos later deleted their retweet.

Bajos involvement in Marvel’s Avengers as She-Hulk lines up with Ellerbe’s “fun fact” of She-Hulk being voiced by his acting coach. In addition to doing voiceover for dozens of productions, Bajos serves as a director at Voiceover Camp, a VO coaching group they founded.

This combined with the lack of a flat out denial from Waggoner, means it’s safe to say that Ellerbe’s information is probably on the money. Not only is She-Hulk a logical addition to Marvel’s Avengers, but if timed properly would make tie-in with She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, the next MCU series that premieres on Disney Plus in August.