Sea of Thieves will celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day because of course

Rare announced that the next Community Day for Sea of Thieves will coincide with a Talk Like A Pirate Day special. It is one shaping up to be filled with prizes and booty so mark it on your calendars as it will happen within a long weekend from the 15th to the 20th of September. 

The upcoming Community Day will feature a generous helping of Renown Boosts to help speed up your progress on Season 7’s 100 levels of rewards. This also means gold and reputation will be boosted through the community tweet-along system. How high the multiplier will go will be based on those tweets, so folks are encouraged to work together to raise the Community Emissary Grade by using the Twitter hashtag #SeaofThievesCommunityDay from 10am UTC on Community Day to contribute. 

Raising the Community Emissary Grade to level 5 will raise the amount of gold and reputation earned throughout the event by two and half times as well as increasing the spawn rates for Ancient Skeletons during the event. These gilded skeletons drop Ancient Coins that can be claimed by your crew where you can spend it in the Pirate Emporium. 

Sea of Thieves pirate day

To pair the festivities with the increased bonuses, the Pirate Emporium’s shopkeepers will be slashing their prices for the occasion. Pirates who have hoarded their treasures would do well to plan ahead for the spending on the 15th. So go get your loot, booty, pets, emotes and costumes matey, because your treasure ain’t worth a lick if you don’t spend it, savvy? 

Players can also pick up some celebratory fireworks from the Merchant Alliance and can get a free “Arrrgh!” Emote that goes straight to the Vanity Chest for those who log into the game during the 15th up til the 20th of September. The Pirate Emporium is also giving away a free “Ranting Rogue” Emote that perfectly goes well for all your pirate talking needs. A Community Day flag will also be free on the 17th of September to commemorate the celebration. 

For IRL goodies, the Rare Merch store will be selling T-Shirts, flags and other limited time goodies over the weekend; you can also take advantage of the discount code COMMUNITYDAY to get 30% off of Sea of Thieves items. Those are just the highlights but if you’d like to read the full details, you can check out Rare’s blog here

You can get in on the Talk Like A Pirate Day action right now in Sea of Thieves on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The online pirate game is also part of Game Pass.