Sea of Thieves season four is about undersea loot

Sea of Thieves arena

Sea of Thieves fans already knew that it would be sending them undersea in season four, but more details have been revealed by developer Rare. In the game’s next update, Siren Shrines and Treasuries will be added that will yield plenty of undersea loot.

Siren Shrines are six unique locations beneath the ocean that present mysteries to solve and challenges to complete, yielding treasures to be claimed. Those looking for a less cerebral challenge can go for Siren Treasuries, each of which are filled with “coral treasures” guarded by various denizens of the murky ocean depths.

To facilitate transport and an eventual getaway, treasure finds can be stored by players in sunken statues and then brought to the surface when they’re ready to load it onto the ship. The friendly merfolk — the same folks who teleport players back to their ship after they’ve done goofed themselves into the middle of the ocean — will help you out in this regard. Players will still have to bring their spoils aboard their ships themselves, so there’s still some risk involved.

Siren Shrines and Siren Treasuries are marked on the map, and you can spot them on deck by a telltale shimmer on the ocean’s surface. Some of the underwater enemies introduced in last season’s Pirates of the Caribbean themed update, A Pirate’s Life, play a greater role in the upcoming season and its undersea challenges. You’ll have to fight sirens and coral crawlers to get to some of these treasures.

Also being added next season is a rare and valuable treasure called Breath of the Sea. By finding coral-encrusted bottles, players can start voyages to find this mysterious substance and turn them in for great rewards from the various trading companies in the world of Sea of Thieves.

And last but not least, as always, there will be new commendations to earn in the new season as well as new weapons, new cosmetics and new ship parts for “The Sunken Sorrow.” The Plunder Pass for this season will unlock many additional rewards, including eleven items that can’t be had from the Pirate Emporium like the pumpkin themed “Jack-O-Looter” weapons and cosmetics.

Sea of Thieves: Season Four goes live on September 23. Sea of Thieves is playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Windows PC and is also on Steam. The game has also been a part of Game Pass since launch, which means subscribers can access the new A Pirate’s Life content right now.