Sam & Max remastered to Save The World once more

If you’re old enough to remember the adventures of a loquacious canine detective and his sociopath lagomorph compatriot, then you’ll be glad to hear that Sam & Max: Save The World returns to Xbox in its remastered form. This version of the classic comedy adventure that the old Telltale Games studio made in the “before Walking Dead” days is out now for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

This version isn’t entirely new mind you. It was released on Steam and the Nintendo Switch late last year, but this marks the first time Save The World has been playable once more since its original release on Xbox Live Arcade. After Telltale Games went belly up in 2018, the rights to the games were picked up by some of its original makers now operating as Skunkape Games.

Like most of Telltale Games’ other works, Sam & Max: Save The World was released episodically and the remastered edition collects all six episodes. The titular Sam and Max, as implied above, are a pair of freelance police, which is to say mischievous detective who spend just as much time if not more on recreational amusements as they do investigating cases and solving crimes.

Some of the improvements to the original include a complete overhaul of the game’s lighting system, which adds some much appreciated depth to scenes and characters that originally looked flat. Character models have been tweaked with a full resolution pass for improved details. Finally, the game has received widescreen support, and I mean real widescreen, not just screen stretching.

As someone old enough to have played 1993’s Sam & Max: Hit the Road, I had honestly forgotten how old Save The World really was. To me, the game is still the “new” incarnation of the destructive detectives, but it’s only upon re-examination that I realize that Save The World predates advanced lighting and the widespread adoption of 16:9 computer screens and TVs.

Sam & Max: Save The World is now available at the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.