Saints Row reboot features plenty of customization

Customization is the name of the game in the Saints Row reboot. The upcoming open world action game features one hell of a character customization kit that lets you make some of the craziest combinations.

In a new video, developer Volition revealed a robust character customization tool kit available for players to tinker with in the new Saints Row reboot. You’ll get to decide how your character, “The Boss”, looks, dresses and acts. The customization options available range from the mundane to the downright wacky. Change skin textures, use asymmetrical face shapes and designs, add prosthetic limbs, and even choose the censorship design for when you’re somehow naked in the game.

This level of customizability also applies to your ride and your guns. There’s going to be at least 80 rides to collect in the game and cars look like they can be customized to the same level as the Boss. Change from a sleek sports car to a huge truck, or even a pirate ship. Modifications like body kits, decals, spoilers, paint and weathering can be used to make that unique ride worthy for The Boss.

There are also glimpses of adding abilities to your rides, with some examples being Crab Steering, Wrecking Balls and Ejector Seats. When you arrive at your destination guns blazing, you’ve got to make sure your guns also look the part. Weapon customization looks just as crazy, you can change a gun’s paint job, add some decals, make it glossy, matte or metallic to match your ensemble. But if that’s not enough, some weapon skins are available too, how about that rocket launcher guitar case, El Mariachi Style? Yes, you can.

Saints Row customization

Customization can also be done at your home base, “The Church” as it’s come to be known, and whatever aesthetic you choose seems to affect your crewmates’ attire as well.

When Volition announced they were rebooting the Saints Row franchise to get back down to earth after how big the past games went, I didn’t expect much in the way of customizability. I’m glad to have been proven wrong and am excited to see what else is in store when the game launches on August 23 on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.